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JAVOedge Polka Dot 5 Pack of Various Size Vacuum Sealing Compression Bags for Home / Closet Storage

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Product Description

Organize and clean up your closet and living space with these vacuum sealing compression bags. The 5 pack comes with 5 different sized compression bags. Each of the compression bags features a fun and cute polka dot pattern all over the bags. Ideal for using around the home and closet these compression bags are also great for traveling to save luggage space. When used for traveling the compression bags lets you pack everything you need for your tip while saving luggage space by compressing your luggage down. Easy to use, just fill the bag with items and then press out the air as you seal it shut with the sliding zip opening and closure. The bags are easy to stack once sealed shut. The various sized bags are great to store out of season clothing, accessories, towel, linens, and other clothing and household items that you need stored out of the way in. Each of the different sized bags has ample room to hold a number of different items in each bag. The bags are see-through so that you can easily see what is inside the bags. Compress, store, and organize your clothing and other household items with these polka dot printed 5 compression bags.

Key Features

  • 5 pack of 5 different sized polka dot printed compression bags for home, closet storage, or for travel
  • Great for storage and cleaning up the closet with around the house, Saves luggage space when traveling with the bags
  • Material is see-through, Easy to use just fill the bag with items and then press out the air as you seal it shut with the sliding zip opening and closure
  • Sizes: XXL: 47 by 35.4 in, XL: 43.3 by 31.4 in, L: 39.3 by 27.5 in, M: 27.5 by 35.4  in, S: 23.6 by 31.4 in
  • JAVOedge is a registered trademark and is exclusively distributed by JAVOedge. Other seller offerings are counterfeits, they will not be identical to what is advertised here.
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