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Evan Wilson gave us a great informative review of our Heritage Kindle 3 Case on Amazon
Evan Wilson,


This case has a JAVOedge over the competition., September 25, 2011
By wilson.e (New Hampshire) - See all my reviews

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This review is from: JAVOedge Heritage Flip Case for the Amazon Kindle 3 (Blue) - Latest Generation
I bought my first Kindle about a week before buying this case. I didn't think I would bother using a case for my Kindle, but after using it without one I changed my mind. I decided that I wanted a case that felt like an extension of the Kindle. I'm very happy with my purchase for a variety of reasons.

The JAVOedge Heritage Flip Case is...

1. Light Weight: You can continue to read your Kindle without feeling any burden, even when holding it in the air.

2. Sleek: The case doesn't get in the way at all when you want to use the Kindle, either when opening it up or operating the device. The rear stand is attached using two snap buttons. It closes tightly against the case and is so trim that you forget it's there. The magnetic enclosure strength is perfectly balanced. It doesn't close too tight or weak. The areas where the leather encases the Kindle makes it significantly easier to hold. I don't accidentally hit the page-turn buttons anymore.

3. Symmetrical: This is personal preference but I specifically wanted a case that folded vertically around the Kindle. I like that one side of the Kindle doesn't feel thick compared to the other. This also allows it lay perfectly flat on a table. Even though there is a small pocket for paper, when holding the case opened you don't even notice it.

4. Well Made: The product is clearly made with quality materials and detailed construction. I found no frayed threading. The "leather" pieces fit evenly and properly against the device. The "leather" elements have both a pleasing texture and just enough rugged thickness to suggest that the case will easily last the life of the Kindle. The fabric on the outside is soft but not bulky, and ever so slightly fuzzy in a pleasing way. There are no distracting hidden seems to feel under the fabric while carrying it. Overall the case feels very stable and secure. The blue on my case is as visible on the product photos. It is my opinion that the look of this case would make a white Kindle look great because of the interesting contrast it would create. Since mine is black, I would list this case as a good reason to order a second Kindle in white.

5. Priced Competitively: I believe that the overall quality of this product has an edge over other products in the same price range. When compared to the Kindle Leather Cover, Black, Updated Design (Fits 6" Display, Latest Generation Kindle), I feel that the JAVOedge has a significantly better design. (I do believe the Amazon case is well made though.)

I debated buying the Heritage Flip Case or the JAVOedge Editor Flip Case for the Amazon Kindle 3 - Latest Generation and chose this case because it fits the plaid theme that's associated with my Scottish Terriers. Since I'm so happy with this product, I will eventually buy the Editor Flip Case just to mix up the look of my case. Based on my experience with this product, I would suggest JAVOedge as the first company to look for on Amazon when purchasing a new case.

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