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Chip Chick reviews our Evening Bloom & Chevron Scrunch iPad 2 Axis Case
Scott Schaen, Chip Chick


JavoEdge Axis iPad 2 Case Review

Posted on November 3rd, 2011 by Scott Schaen in iPad, Reviews


The Axis Case for iPad 2, by JavoEdge, is definitely a one-of-a-kind case. Not only will it prop iPad up at different landscape angles, but it will also mount it in different portrait angles. There are 23 very trendy and uniquely designed Axis Cases all with the same great features: good cutouts, a magnetic smart cover, and solid protection.

Axis Case uses a magnetic clasp to seal the smart cover, which wakes iPad when open and puts it to sleep when closed. With the cover open, iPad will swivel and tilt and can be easily inserted into one of the grooves on the inside of the cover for handsfree viewing. Additionally, the cover can also fold behind iPad. iPad 2 is popped into the holster shell and there’s a small lip that surpasses the sides and corners of iPad. This holster is a tough coated plastic. iPad sits tightly and safely within the holster. It’s easy to remove by applying pressure to one of the corners. There’s a large cutout for the dock connector on the bottom with a larger speaker cutout aside it. There’s also a cutout on the side for the volume and toggle switch and a hole on the back for the camera. The entire top is exposed aside from the corners. The Axis Case offers iPad pretty much all the protection it needs, whether opened or closed. All sides and corners are covered with the durable enclosure and the cover and swivel back are well padded.

It’s great to really have viewing options with the Axis Case, as opposed to most other cases where there is only one or two ways to prop up iPad. When reading text and browsing pages it’s more convenient to orient iPad in a portrait angle. There are three slots that iPad can sit in, each a different angle. There’s technically a fourth angle, great for typing, if you sit iPad below all three slots. Unfortunately in portrait mode, the most upright angle puts iPad off balance and it will tip over. Luckily it’s well protected. Mounting iPad in landscape mode is a sturdier method than portrait.

The Axis Case seems to be designed as a hands-free case because the swiveling enclosure makes handling the case pretty awkward. The case’s cover does not fold completely flat behind iPad and it can tilt and turn in any direction, which is not a comforting feeling! The best solution is probably having the front flap hang from the bottom of iPad. The cover is great at locking and unlocking iPad with the magnetic smart lock. When inserted into a bag, some case smartcovers will shift and turn iPad on and off, draining the battery. The Axis Case’s magnetic clasp prevents this from happening.

All in all, the Axis Case is great for protecting your iPad 2 and it’s great for mounting iPad in all sorts of angles vertically and horizontally. It’s just a bit awkward if you want to hold the case while using iPad. Axis Cases range from $39.95 to $42.95 and there is a whopping 24 uniquely designed cases. Each case differs greatly based on fabric, feel, patterns, and other cosmetic design cues. We reviewed the purple Chevron Scrunch Axis Case and the Evening Bloom Axis Case. Both are very chic looking in their own ways. At ~$40 it’s a pricier iPad case, but it also offers easy-to-use viewing options that few other cases do.

The Good: Good Quality, Durable, Mounts iPad Vertically and Horizontally, Mounts at Different Angles, Variety of Designs, Magnetic Smart Cover, Good Cutouts

The Bad: Awkward to Hold and Use iPad, Mounting is Not Sturdy, Pricey

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